A Revolution In Motion

Miga's Shape Memory Alloy actuators are alarmingly thin, powerful, and lightweight.

Providing up to 2 pounds of output force and 0.125" stroke, the S125-008 actuates with 5-30 volts, or can hold any position along the stroke.

As with our T220 actuators, the S125 actuator (shown) is now available for high volume applications.

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Electronic Circuit

Who Are We?

Miga Robotics is a division of Miga Motor Company focusing on robotic applications of Shape Memory Alloys. Miga Motor Company designs and manufactures a new type of electrically powered actuator, that can replace old-fashioned motors and solenoids in many applications. Miga motors are compact, lightweight, and silent: utilizing a material known as 'shape memory alloy' or 'memory metal' to achieve this unique motion.

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