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Ultra Thin Shape Memory Alloy Muscle Wire® Lock Demo Kit

Miga Gen2 ThinLock™ Demo Kit

SKU: 10070

The Gen2 ThinLock™ is very similar to the Gen 1 lock, but in a smaller form factor of 3.375" x 1.05". ThinLocks provide an SMA latch-release mechanism in a very thin and lightweight package, and are ideal for use as cabinet latches or drone release mechanisms, for example. The Gen2 ThinLock™ Demo Kit includes 3x Gen2 ThinLock prototypes, 5 extra SMA wire assemblies (Miga HT-TWSMA 6.0x0.008"), 3x MADv5s, and a 9V battery with MADv5 for testing right out of the box.  Contact us for special Student Discount Pricing.

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