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Mastering the Art and Science of 3D Printed Modern Motion

Miga Robotics is a division of Miga Technologies, LLC, a U.S. designer and manufacturer of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) products. Formed in 2001 under the name Miga Motor Company, Miga designs and manufactures a new type of electrically powered actuator that replaces old-fashioned motors and solenoids in many applications. Utilizing materials known as shape memory alloys, memory metal, or Dynalloy trade names Muscle Wire & Flexinol, and SAES trade name SmartFlex: Miga motors are compact, lightweight, strong, and totally silent.

Miga Robotics was formed in 2020 to focus on robotic applications of SMAs after realizing that very long SMA wires can silently produce the Work (Force x Stroke) required of many desktop-scale robotic arms and end effectors. We are largely dedicated to integrating or merging SMA wires with lightweight 3D printed FDM parts to create truly unique types of motion.

Why 3D printed (FDM vs SLA) parts?​ Because with FDM printing we can control the stiffness and density of the part to produce stronger and lighter assemblies than can be made using SLA parts. We believe that 3D printing will continue to evolve toward more highly integrated products, printed with ever faster printing speeds, wider material selection, and higher resolution. We want to be there when this happens. We want to create it – inserts and overlays of SMA wires and other components built right into the 3D printed parts, and providing unique types of motion to those products.

We are committed to expanding our robotics product line, and will continue to add new products to meet the potential needs of our customers. Please contact us regarding your specific application.

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