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Miga AdrenaLine™ – A Space Age Wire

Miga AdrenaLine™ – A Space Age Wire

SKU: 10010

Miga’s AdrenaLine® is a bizarre new wire made of Nickel-Titanium that stretches when you pull it: sort-of like a spring. But oddly, as you begin stretching, the force reaches a plateau and gets ‘easier’ for a while. If you keep stretching, it gets harder again, until it abruptly stops. When you release the wire, the pattern is repeated in reverse: at lower force levels.

You’ve probably never even stretched a wire before, let alone had it spring back to it’s original length when you release it. Neither had we! Even to jaded engineers, this material is truly astonishing.

As if that isn’t strange enough already, we’ve discovered that the resistance changes with the length: linearly, and in both directions. The resistance changes are repeatable and easily measureable. In this way, the wire could even be used as a highly accurate ‘stretch’ sensor.

Finally, as if all of that wasn’t bizarre enough already, if you hold the wire to your chin as you stretch and release, you can actually feel the wire get warm when you stretch it, and then cool when you release it. This is indication of the so-called phase change as the material changes between two different metallic states.

Just for fun, we’ve attached finger holds made from InstaMorph® (a reheat-and-reuse plastic) to about 15" of the wire. We urge you to experience AdrenaLine® today. You simply have to feel it to believe it!

The AdrenaLine® data sheet can be found on our Downloads page.

  • Model: AdrenaLine™ 008
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05lbs
  • Manufactured by: Miga Motor Company


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