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NanoMuscle NM70R-2P - Rotary Muscle Wire® Actuator

NanoMuscle NM70R-2P - Rotary Memory Metal Actuator

SKU: 10005
Tiny, silent, and lightweight at just 4.2 grams, NanoMuscle Rotary shape memory alloy actuators provide 60˚ of rotation using a linear NM70-Super 'Muscle Wire®' actuator encapsulated in a body with a spring-loaded, cam-action rotary output. The NanoMuscle Rotary actuators come in two different versions: the 2-pin NM70R-2P, and the 6-pin NM70R-6P. The -2P actuator ‘bounces’ between limit stops when connected to a power source, and the -6P provides greater control, with access to end limit sensors, and can be driven by the MADv5 (sold separately). Operating voltages are ~3-9V. Refer to the Downloads page for additional details. Please note that there is a minimum 5-unit purchase for the NanoMuscles.


  • Model: NM70R-2P
  • Shipping Weight: 0.01lbs
  • Manufactured by: Miga Motor Company


Muscle Wire® is a trademark of Dynalloy, Inc.

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