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Miga T220 SMA Actuator

Miga T220 SMA Actuator

SKU: 10030

The Miga T220 Memory Wire actuator provides 0.22" of stroke with nearly 3 pounds of force using 0.012" diameter High Temperature two-way trained Shape Memory Alloy wires.

The T220 is a volume-ready SMA wire actuator, with MOSFET switching & protection circuitry directly onboard the PCB: allowing for a simple 3-wire interface. Designed as an emergency 'initiator' for oxygen delivery systems, the ideal uses are as latch- or trigger- release mechanisms for battery-powered devices.

The T220 provides a stroke of 0.22" (5.6mm) and up to 3.0 pounds of force, but weighs less than 0.44 oz. (12.4 grams), providing a Force-to-Weight ratio of nearly 110:1. The overall envelope is 4.42 x 1.04 x 0.15”.

The T220 has a 3-wire interface: Voltage (+V), Enable (EN), and Ground (GD). The Enable voltage range is 2.5 volts to +V, but is typically a logic signal from a microprocessor. The actuator is energized whenever the Enable is raised ‘high’.

The data sheet for the T220 can be found on our Downloads page, and please contact us for STEP files for this product.

  • Model: T220
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05lbs


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