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Thin Lock Shape Memory Alloy Muscle Wire® Actuator Lock

Deluxe Miga Gen1-RevG ThinLock™ Demo Kit

SKU: 10045

The Miga Shape Memory Alloy Wire ThinLock™ Demonstration Kit is now available through our Online Store, and elsewhere. Operating from 5-30 volts, the ThinLock was originally designed as an automotive glovebox release mechanism, but there are many other potential applications, including cabinet latches. The extremely thin profile and wide operating voltage range, permit installation into existing applications, and as always: totally silent operation is unique to SMA. Please contact us for additional information, and please visit our Youtube Channel to see the Demo Kit in operation here:


  • What's included?

    Two ThinLock actuators

    Assembled acrylic drawer demo

    3D printed, spring-loaded 'Dart' demo

    SMA wire + rebuild kit

    4x Miga Analog Drivers: Pushbutton or micro-controlled current switches, two with 9V battery adapters

    2x 9V alkaline batteries

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