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Miga Pro Mini (5v) 6xMOSFET Shield

Miga Arduino Pro Mini (5v) 6x MOSFET Shield

SKU: 10050

The Miga 6x MOSFET Shield is a very useful Arduino Pro Mini - powered digitally controlled 'switch' that we use for applications requiring more than one SMA actuator – or to drive pumps, fans, or LEDs, for example. The '6xMOSFET Driver' has an onboard regulator to provide 5 volts to the SparkFun Pro Mini using input voltages of 3.5-30 volts, and switches up to 6x PWM-controlled outputs,up to a total of 5.8 amps.  The polarized connector is a MOLEX KK-type connector, with 8 pins as shown.  Note that the Pro Mini is cantilevered over part of the shield board, so that some of the Arduino pins (including the FTDI pins) are accessible only by soldering directly to the Pro Mini. Ships with a mating 8-pin female connector pigtail.  Complete schematic and Eagle Files provided after purchase if desired.

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