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Announcements and Press Releases


August 7, 2012

Saint Helena, CA - Miga Motor Company welcomes our first online retailer in China! Shanghai Zhiwei Robotics Company, Ltd. (AKA DFRobot) is a great source for open source hardware and robotic supplies. Part of the growing Maker movement, Shanghai-based DFRobot has a very active community forum, and carries a huge selection of everything related to the Maker community. DFRobot carries the entire line of Miga products. Please visit them online at

Miga Motor Company

DFRobot Miga Robotics


April 16, 2012

Saint Helena, CA - A couple of years ago Miga engineers built a simple iPhone app called TIO to capture time stamps for some tests we were running at the time. Over the years we, and many others, have found TIO to be a very useful tool, so we wanted to unveil it here at Miga Motors.

TIO [tee-oh] is a very simple time-tag, event-logging, stop-clock application for the iPod, iPhone, or iPad. You can name up to nine events, then tap an event button to capture its current time. TIO captures the current time, tags it to the chosen event, and stores them both in a log file. You can email the log file to yourself, your boss, or anyone else you wish. You can edit and delete events – one-by-one or all-at-once. You can also import the log file into standard data routines such as MicroSoft Excel. That's all there is to it. TIO puts time at your fingertips. Quite simply... TIO captures time™!

TIO was available from the iTunes App Store until 2017, when we no longer supported updates.

We hope you enjoyed the TIO test drive, and please let us know what you think!

Miga Motor Company
A Miga Technologies, LLC Company

Tio Tells Time


July 15, 2011


Saint Helena, CA - Miga Motor Company announces a new online retailer in Images SI Inc. Images SI represents the full line of Miga's Shape Memory Alloy actuators and drivers.

Images SI provides a very interesting and wide range of scientific and educational products, now including an assortment of Shape Memory Alloy products from Miga. We encourage you to visit them at

Welcome aboard!
Miga Motor Company



October 17, 2010

Saint Helena, CA - Miga Motor Company begins work tomorrow on a Shape Memory guided Towed Array Control Module for the U.S. Office of Naval Research. The development of the SM-TACM is funded under a Navy SBIR Phase 1 contract which was recently awarded to the company. This is Miga's first development effort in marine systems.

"Miga is proud to work with the US Navy as we continue to refine our motor technology to meet the needs of sophisticated systems in harsh environments," said Dr. Mark Gummin, Principal Investigator for the Navy contract. "Miga's technically advanced motors have performance characteristics that can't be matched by standard gear motors or solenoids."

Miga Motor Company has been a pioneer in the design and development of compact SMA-powered linear motors for medical, aerospace, and industrial applications since 2002, and holds numerous international patents on this technology.

Contact Information:
Dr. Mark A. Gummin
Miga Motor Company:


April 25, 2009

Berkeley, CA - Miga Motor Company announces the launch of the Miga Online Store, making access to Miga's revolutionary memory metal products even easier. Secure and simple.... purchasing Miga products has never been better.

In addition to new product offerings including the latest Dash4™, Miga's current products are available in a broad assortment of discount schedules and sample packs.

Distributors and retailers can also purchase through the store by entering discount codes during the order process.

Miga: A Revolution in Motion™.

Miga Motor Company
phone: (503) 874-1313
e-mail: sales'at'

Shop Now


July 15, 2008

Berkeley, CA - Miga Motor Company announced today that it has begun offering it's new On-Board Actuators through the countries fastest-growing online retailer. The first of the On-Board Actuators include the MigaOneTM and the MOBITM, which are very thin and lightweight Shape Memory Alloy actuators built upon extremely rigid printed circuit board (PCB) substrates. In fact, we believe they are the thinnest actuators ever made!

Boulder, Colorado-based SparkFun has already begun offering Miga's actuators through their online store. Sparkfun is a highly successful and very popular website for electronics, hobby, and robotics enthusiasts - providing many of their own custom products, in addition to third-party items. Founded by Nathan Seidle in 2003, SparkFun has grown rapidly into one of the most popular online destinations for fun, and hard-to-find electronics.

"Miga is pleased to have Sparkfun selling and supporting our products," said Howard Cohen, an official with Miga Motor Company.

Products will still be available for purchase directly from Miga Motor Company, but with larger minimum order sizes, not less than $100.

The online retailer websites are:

Miga Motor Company
phone: (503) 874-1313
e-mail: sales'at'



October 11, 2007

Berkeley, CA - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced today that Miga Motor Company has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Grant to support their ongoing work on Shape Memory Alloy Actuators. Under the title of “Miniature, High Force, Long Stroke Linear Shape Memory Alloy Actuators”, the award will support two years of research, and has a contract value of $600,000. The grant will further Miga’s development of innovative, light-weight actuators that may replace solenoids, pyrotechnic devices, and motor driven assemblies in space borne and aeronautical applications. The linear motors also have many applications in more down-to-earth fields, such as medical and life-science devices, electronic locks and latches, pumps, and other uses where small size, low weight, high force output, and high reliability are desired.

Dr. Mark Gummin, managing partner of Miga Motors, said, "This award demonstrates that NASA recognizes the value of this new type of linear motor, and the innovation and engineering that we have devoted to our products. We are truly honored by this award."

The SBIR program is a highly competitive, three-phase award system. It provides qualified small businesses with opportunities to propose unique ideas that meet specific research and development needs of the federal government. The criteria used to select the winning proposals include technical merit and innovation, Phase 1 results, value to NASA, commercial potential, and company capabilities.

Miga Motor Company has been a pioneer in the design and development of compact SMA-powered linear motors for medical, aerospace, and industrial applications since 2002. Miga holds numerous patents on this new technology, in the U.S. as well as all major industrial countries throughout the world.

Miga will partner with Boeing Phantom Works, the advanced research and development unit of Boeing Corp, in the execution of the contract.

Contact Information:
Dr. Mark Gummin
e-mail: sales'at'
Miga Motor Company:


January 19, 2007

Berkeley, CA – Miga Motor Company announced today that it has completed contract negotiations with the NASA Glenn Research Center on its recent award of a Phase-1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant.

NASA selected Miga Motor Company out of 1,709 submitted proposals to study “Miniature High Force, Long Stroke Linear Shape Memory Alloy Actuators.” The award provides funding of over $96,000 to develop a series of actuators providing up to 20 lbf and 1” stroke using commercially available, and advanced Nickel-Titanium alloys currently under development at NASA Glenn.

Principle Investigator Dr. Mark Gummin of Miga Motor Company, described the effort as “an important development in satisfying the demand for advanced electro-mechanical actuators”, and added that, “we are very excited about this award, and are expecting the work we are doing with NASA to quickly lead to several new commercial products.”

NASA’s Phase 1 SBIR is a feasibility study to evaluate the scientific and technical merit of shape memory alloys for aerospace applications. The criteria used to select the winning proposals included technical merit and feasibility; experience, qualifications and facilities; effectiveness of the work plan; and, commercial potential and feasibility. Successful demonstration of the technology has a high likelihood of leading to $600,000 in additional Phase 2 funding.

Miga Motor Company is a U.S. designer and manufacturer of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) devices. More information can be found at

Miga Motor Company
phone: (503) 874-1313
e-mail: sales'at'


August 31, 2005

Berkeley, CA - Miga Motor Company announces the recent purchase of the remaining assets of NanoMuscle, Inc.. NanoMuscle was the first to license the Displacement MultipliedTM SMA Actuator technology developed and patented by Perihelian, the parent of Miga Motor Company. NanoMuscle was also the first company to bring to market a modular, high-volume Shape Memory Alloy Actuator. The company ceased operations in December of 2004 after a successful launch of the NM70 devices.

Under the terms of the asset purchase, Miga Motor Company has acquired the NanoMuscle patent portfolio, as well as the entire remaining supply of their NM70-Super actuators. NanoMuscle sold tens of thousands of these units in 2004, for applications including toys, hobby, automotive, as well as aerospace. They are first-generation devices, with very low force compared to Miga's new DM01-Series actuators.

Due to ongoing requests from 'heritage' users looking for replacement devices, and from others who are familiar with the NanoMuscle product line, Miga Motors is pleased to offer the NM70-Supers at pricing below the original sales price. These surplus devices are being sold 'as is' and Miga Motors does not accept any liability associated with the motors. All units are new and in working order. They are in the original factory packaging, but must be repackaged for shipping. The NM70-Super has a stroke of 4-mm and a design lifting capacity of 70-grams. Download the NanoMuscle Technical Datasheet or detailed product information can be found at


July 15, 2005

Berkeley, CA - Miga Motor Company, a U.S. manufacturer of SMA Devices, has developed an innovative modular Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator. The DM01 actuator provides a large stroke in a small package with a high degree of design flexibility. The DM01 Miniature Actuator is strong, lightweight, silent, fast acting and has low power requirements.

Miga Motor’s SMA Actuators have many advantages over motors and solenoids including their planarity, scalability, low weight, high output force (over 5 pounds of force, constant with stroke), very high strength-to-weight ratio, AC or DC actuation, long life and direct linear motion.

Other key advantages of Miga Motors SMA Actuators are:

  • they activate with low shock

  • they are totally non-magnetic

  • their movement is completely silent

  • they are less than 10% the weight and volume of a comparable motor or solenoid

The DM01 SMA Actuator can replace motors and solenoids in a wide variety of applications such as: solenoid and relay replacement, latch-release mechanisms, door and cabinet locking/unlocking, air-duct/vane positioning, robotics, resettable/reusable pyrotechnic actuator replacement.

Delivery of the Miga DM01 Miniature Actuator is 3 weeks ARO. Pricing at the 25-unit level is $49.00 each. Please consult factory for quantity pricing. Miga’s patented actuators can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements. Visit their website: for detailed specifications.

For additional technical information, please contact: Dr. Mark A. Gummin, General Manager, Miga Motor Company, Strawberry Creek Design Center, Berkeley, CA 94702 TEL: (866) 644-2729; e-mail: sales'at'

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